Review: “Forever Odd” by Dean Koontz

Forever Odd (***) is the second Odd Thomas adventure (see my review for the first one here). This one isn’t as good as the first one, but that’s a hard act to follow! Still worth reading.

Here we meet up with Odd several months after the end of Odd Thomas. Once again, a friend is in trouble and it falls to Odd to do something about it….from an abandoned casino to the storm sewer system of Pico Mundo, this book never lets up as it races to its finish….

Honestly, I think this one falls a little flat. Read it anyway, but make sure you continue on to Brother Odd before you decide to stop the series. At which point you will decide against stopping the series….

Content advisories:
Language: PG-13. Brief, but occasionally strong. Even PG-13 films are allowed two F-bombs these days, so I think this is a safe assessment.
Violence: PG-13. People die, but usually not in grotesque detail. There is tragedy, but it is balanced with hope. Still, occasionally disturbing. Another factor: the lingering dead. These can be a little grotesque at times, depending on the manner of their demise.
Sex: PG-13. The villainess in Forever Odd is a 900-line operator with a penchant for the occult. The subjects of rape and child molestation occasionally come up in the course of Odd’s adventures, given that he sometimes runs into the lingering spirits of victims of such crimes. Not explicit, not gratuitous, but not for kids either.

Prequel: You Are Destined To Be Together Forever
Book I: Odd Thomas
Book II: Forever Odd
Book III: Brother Odd
Book IV: Odd Hours
Interlude: Odd Interlude
Book V: Odd Apocalypse
Book VI: Deeply Odd
Book VII: Saint Odd
Manga Prequel Series
Odd Passenger (Non-Canon Webseries)

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