Review: “Brother Odd” by Dean Koontz

Remember when I reviewed Forever Odd and said that while I still love the series, the sequels to Odd Thomas just don’t manage to match the charm of the first one? Yeah, it had been too long since I read Brother Odd (*****). I won’t say this is BETTER than Odd Thomas, but it is just as good in different ways. Forever Odd for me fell a little flat–it was good, it was an Odd Thomas adventure after all–but if the offhand references to anecdotes and prior happenings Odd keeps tossing out are any indication, it was far from his most interesting adventure (If you’ve read them, you’ll understand this is less saying its boring and more saying that one of those may have made a better book). And not all that important, really. Nothing of significance to Odd’s life really happens, aside from his journey to the monastary at the end. Whereas Brother Odd is riveting without losing the Odd Thomas charm, an incredibly significant event in Odd’s life, and offers the first hints at a larger story in play here. To say more would offer a disservice to the book, so I’ll simply paraphrase the bard, “There is far more in heaven and earth, Odd Thomas, than is dreamed of in your philosophy….”

Language: Brief, but occasionally strong.
Violence: PG-13. People die, but usually not in grotesque detail. There is tragedy, but it is balanced with hope. Still, occasionally disturbing. Another factor: the lingering dead. These can be a little grotesque at times, depending on the manner of their demise.
Sex: PG at most.

Prequel: You Are Destined To Be Together Forever
Book I: Odd Thomas
Book II: Forever Odd
Book III: Brother Odd
Book IV: Odd Hours
Interlude: Odd Interlude
Book V: Odd Apocalypse
Book VI: Deeply Odd
Book VII: Saint Odd
Manga Prequel Series
Odd Passenger (Non-Canon Webseries)

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