Review: “Odd Interlude” by Dean Koontz

Odd Thomas is back! After an absence of many years from the publishing scene following the release of Odd Hours, we have more Odd Thomas books! (Yes, I know I’m late. I was broke. Shut up.) Odd Interlude (*****) was first published as a three-part ebook novella, only later collected and published in a hard copy form. Honestly, nothing here is going to change your understanding of the other Odd Thomas books. That’s no reason not to read this, however. It’s a wonderful ride, as is nearly every other installment in the series. (I’m not really a fan of Forever Odd, which is a matter of record.)

This particular installment in Odd’s adventures is set immediately after the close of Odd Hours as Odd and Annamaria leave Magic Beach behind them in the car they borrowed from Hutch at the end of that volume. As they travel towards whatever end Odd’s eventual destiny is drawing him towards, they stop for the night in Harmony Corner, a quaint little roadside outpost. To anyone else, Harmony Corner would seem an inviting place–a diner, a gas station and garage, cabins for rent…all presided over by the extensive Harmony clan. Should be a great place, right? Then why does the whole place make Odd’s flesh crawl?

Longtime Koontz fans will recognize the setting of certain parts of this story. We got a brief hint in Odd Hours that Odd and Christopher Snow, protagonist of Koontz’s novels Fear Nothing and Seize The Night, share the same world. In Odd Hours Odd has a shirt he bought at a thrift shop with the words “Mystery Train” emblazoned across the front. With Odd Interlude, the connection is made explicit. Harmony Corner is only a couple miles from a fun little place called Fort Wyvern, a military base supposedly abandoned after the Cold War. Readers of Christopher Snow’s books will know Wyvern isn’t nearly as abandoned as is supposed, and is not a place you want to go poking around. Not a longtime Koontz reader? You won’t get too lost. You’ll just miss that chill that runs down your spine when you realize that Wyvern has birthed yet one more evil to unleash on Koontz’s protagonists.

Oh, and if you’ve been a Koontz fan from the beginning, one of the Snow books made a reference to being in the same world as Watchers, so there’s that.

Content advisories
Language: PG-13. Brief, but occasionally strong. Koontz has been making a notable effort to reduce this in his more recent books, but it doesn’t feel forced.
Violence: PG-13. People die, but usually not in grotesque detail. There is tragedy, but it is balanced with hope. Still, occasionally disturbing. Another factor: the lingering dead. These can be a little grotesque at times, depending on the manner of their demise.
Sex: PG-13. The subjects of rape and child molestation occasionally come up in the course of Odd’s adventures, given that he sometimes runs into the lingering spirits of victims of such crimes. Not explicit, not gratuitous, but not for kids either.

Prequel: You Are Destined To Be Together Forever
Book I: Odd Thomas
Book II: Forever Odd
Book III: Brother Odd
Book IV: Odd Hours
Interlude: Odd Interlude
Book V: Odd Apocalypse
Book VI: Deeply Odd
Book VII: Saint Odd
Manga Prequel Series
Odd Passenger (Non-Canon Webseries)

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