Buffyverse Reviews

Here is a collected list of all of the reviews I have done for works set in the Buffyverse, or the universe created by the shows Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel. I’ve ordered them chronologically with regards to when they should happen in reference to the show, usually by Season and Episode. The list is by no means a definitive collection, as I have a long way to go before I’ve read/watched everything related to this particular franchise.

Technically, a lot of the Buffyverse expanded universe material isn’t considered canon unless the show’s creator Joss Whedon is directly involved. That said, I consider it canon unless it is directly contradicted by later officially-canon material. In the interest of clarity, entries will be indicated (by typeface) as official canon (Whedon involved/approved), unofficial canon (Non-Whedon, but without major conflicts to his canon), or non-canon (Contains major conflicts with official canon.) Non-canon works will still be placed into the timeline as close to where their author intended as possible–consider them alternate-reality events or something.


  • Tales Of The SlayersAll of the stories in this anthology happen long before the events of the TV series, except Tales which happens in the far future.
  • Tales Of The Vampires These stories are scattered all over the timeline, but most have little to no bearing on the characters from the TV series. I’ve noted the exceptions below in the appropriate spots.
  • Spike & Dru: All’s FairSpike and Drusilla visit the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago.


  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The OriginMini-series based on Joss Whedon’s original screenplay for the film, telling Buffy’s origin story the way Whedon intended it before the studio messed with it.
  • Viva Las Buffy!Picking up where The Origin left off, we follow Buffy and Pike to Las Vegas to confront a nasty gang of vampires.
  • Slayer, InterruptedPicking up from the end of Viva Las Buffy!,Buffy is institutionalized after her parents find her diary, which is filled with craziness like slaying vampires, and is forced to make a hard decision about her destiny.
  • Angels We Have Seen On HighA brief interlude as Buffy and Dawn visit the Santa Monica Pier. Of course, vampires rear their ugly heads and Slayer hijinks ensue, prompting a behind-the-scenes intervention by Angel….
  • A Stake To The HeartPicking up from the end of Slayer, Interrupted, Buffy is forced to deal with a series of demons feeding on the emotional turmoil of her family as well as the prospect of moving to a new home–Sunnydale.


  • MacGuffins Set during Buffy’s summer vacation between seasons, when a surprise package in the mail cause all sorts of problems….
  • The Problem With VampiresFrom Tales Of The Vampires, featuring Spike and Drusilla. Chronologically, set soon before Buffy S02E03: School Hard and explains Drusilla’s condition in that episode and for much of that season.
  • Spike & Dru: The Queen Of HeartsSet between The Problem With Vampires and School Hard, as Spike and Drusilla stop off in St. Louis on their way to Sunnydale.
  • The Dust WaltzSet just before Buffy S02E13: Surprise, as two vampire sisters come to town for a deadly contest.
  • Ring Of FireSet just before Buffy S02E21: Becoming (Part I), as Angelus tries to resurrect a samurai demon.
  • Spike & Dru: Paint The Town RedSet sometime after the events of the Buffy Season 2 finale, as Spike and Drusilla try and heal their relationship.


  • StingerSet before Buffy S03E03: Faith, Hope & Trick as Xander faces a bully, as well as the demon who wants to eat said bully.
  • Wu-Tang FangAlso set before Buffy S03E03 as Buffy and Xander deal with an ancient Chinese vampire out for a challenge.
  • Play With FireAlso set before Buffy S03E03 as Buffy and co. find a haunted house while out patrolling.
  • Hello Moon Arbitrarily set just after Buffy S03E03 as Buffy goes for a moonlight stroll….and runs into a fish monster.
  • Broken Bottle Of DjinnSet early in season 3, with little to provide context for chronological placement. I arbitrarily have placed it just before Buffy S03E05: Homecoming. Buffy and Willow have to fight a Djinn after it’s accidentally released from a salvaged locker.
  • HalloweenAlso set before Buffy S03E05, Buffy has to rescue Willow from a gang of vampires who want her as a snack for their Halloween off the streets!
  • Cold TurkeySet before Buffy So3E08: Lover’s Walk as Buffy deals with a vampire with a grudge…as well as last-minute grocery shopping!
  • White Christmas Also set just before Lover’s Walk, Buffy gets a job selling popsicles to help fund her Christmas shopping.
  • Dead Love Arbitrarily set right after White Christmas, Buffy reads about one of Giles’ solo adventures.
  • Spike & Dru: Who Made WhoSet sometime after Buffy S03E08: Lover’s Walk as Spike discovers Drusilla is cheating on him yet again.
  • NumbFrom Tales Of The Vampires, set during Buffy S03E10: Amends as Angel battles his personal demons.
  • Happy New YearSet just after Buffy S03E10: Amends as the Scoobies deal with personal spats and a cursed Puritan.
  • New Kid On The BlockSet after Happy New Year, Buffy and the girls have to deal with vampires crashing their slumber party.
  • The Final CutSet after New Kid On The Block, Buffy has to deal with an ancient film star who wants to return to our plane of existence.
  • Bad BloodSet after The Final Cut, Buffy tries modelling and deals with rumor-mongering @$$holes while Selke works behind the scenes to stage a comeback.
  • Crash Test DemonsSet after Bad Blood, as Selke continues her quest for vengeance and the Scoobies remain oblivious.
  • Pale ReflectionsSet after Crash Test Demons, as Selke’s plans for revenge reach fruition.
  • The Latest CrazeSet after Buffy S03E11: Gingerbread as Buffy and her friends investigate the newest fad to hit Sunnydale High–Hooligans, little gremlin-like creatures with a kleptomaniacal streak and a diabolical origin.
  • Angel: The HollowerSet after Buffy S03E11: Gingerbread, as a creature who preys on vampires comes to town hunting Sunnydale’s dominant predator…but far from an ally, the Hollower could just be the greatest threat Sunnydale’s ever seen….
  • Dance With MeSet after Buffy S03E15: Consequences, as Buffy faces down the vamped nerd she kept turning down a date with.
  • Bad DogSet just after Buffy S03E18: Earshot as Oz escapes his cage during the full moon.
  • Cursed Angel reflects on his origins, which unfortunately don’t jive with the details later given in the show.


  • Codename: ComradesSet just before Buffy S04E17: Superstar, in the alternate world created by Jonathan Levinson’s spell.


  • AntiqueFrom Tales Of The Vampires, featuring a confrontation between Buffy and Dracula. Set after the end of Buffy Season 7 but before the events of the Buffy Season Eight comic series.


  • Tales Final story from Tales Of The Slayers, featuring Melaka Fray long after the (final) death of Buffy.

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