Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Official Canon)

This page tracks the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series and its related novels and/or comics, as well as any other non-related works that fall during its tenure. I’m doing this to basically keep the series from overwhelming the timeline page you probably reached this from. The episodes themselves are all officially canon, while the tie-in works (with a couple exceptions) are not, but I’m including them anyway since I’ve no better place to put them. Generally speaking, they don’t contradict the official canon (excepting one comic that later became a series of episodes, with a number of changes being made in the course of the adaptation), and when they do I’ll certainly make note of it. They will be placed in italics like so to indicate which items fit this category.

The order here may flux a bit. There’s an official order to the series, which differs from what I had charted while watching it, so I’ll need to figure that out. I suspect that my changes were based on material in now-Legends sources. When I do work my way back through, I’ll adjust this as needed, but the starting point here is the official timeline. And yes, the order is all manner of screwed up compared to the broadcast order, especially in the early seasons.

Dates in the Galaxy Far, Far Away are usually computed in relation to the Battle of Yavin, aka Star Wars: Episode IV–A New Hope. Episodes will be indicated using the format (Season).(Episode), i.e 1.1 is Season 1, Episode 1. There is a discrepancy between the broadcast order and the order on the DVD release for Season 5, as the original season premiere was replaced by a Darth Maul-centric tale appearing out of chronological order. The DVD replaced the episode in its rightful place, and I’ll be using that reckoning. The unfinished episodes posted online in rough form are here referred to as being from Season 7. The online webcomics that accompanied the early seasons will be indicated using the format W(Number), i.e. W1 is webcomic #1. These webcomics are technically Legends canon, but are included here anyway.



  • Star Wars: Episode II–Attack Of The Clones
  • 2.16: Cat & Mouse/W16: Shadowed/1.16: The Hidden Enemy/1.0: The Clone Wars (Film)
    • Set approximately seven weeks after Attack Of The Clones
  • 3.1: Clone Cadets
  • 3.3: Suppy Lines/W1: Prelude/1.1: Ambush
  • Shipyards Of Doom
    • Contains minor continuity issues with later episodes.
  • W2: Shakedown/1.2: Rising Malevolence/W3: Procedure/1.3: Shadow Of Malevolence/W4: Agenda/1.4: Destroy Malevolence
  • W5: Mouse Hunt/1.5: Rookies
  • 3.2: ARC Troopers
    • In the official timeline this happens later, following Aurra Sing’s assassination attempt on Padme, but in order for the events of Rookies to provide warning of an impending Separatist attack this episode needed to happen directly afterwards.
  • W6: The Fall Of Faleen/1.6: Downfall Of A Droid/W7: Discount/1.7: Duel Of The Droids
  • W18: Covetous/W19: Curfew/1.19: Storm Over Ryloth/1.20: Innocents Of Ryloth/W20: The Ballad Of Cham Syndulla/1.21: Liberty On Ryloth
    • In the official timeline this happens later, following the Blue Shadow Virus affair, but I moved it up to reflect a more reasonable duration for the Separatist occupation of Ryloth.
  • W8: Departure/1.8: Bombad Jedi/W9: Transfer/1.9: Cloak Of Darkness/W10: The Dreams Of General Grievous/1.10: Lair Of Grievous
  • W11: Bait/1.11: Dooku Captured/W12: Switch/1.12: The Gungan General
  • Crash Course
  • W13: Head Games
  • 1.13: Jedi Crash/W14: Neighbors/1.14: Defenders Of Peace
  • W15: Cold Snap/1.15: Trespass
  • W17: The Valley/1.17: Blue Shadow Virus/1.18: Mystery Of A Thousand Moons
  • The Wind Raiders Of Taloraan
  • 2.1: Holocron Heist/2.2: Cargo Of Doom/2.3: Children Of The Force
  • 2.17: Bounty Hunters
  • 2.18: The Zillo Beast/2.19: The Zillo Beast Strikes Back
  • W25: Act On Instinct/W26: The Valsedian Operation
    • The first several chapters of Act On Instinct run simultaneous to Cargo Of Doom, then it jumps ahead to become its own adventure set about a month later.
  • 2.4: Senate Spy
  • 2.5: Landing At Point Rain/2.6: Weapons Factory/2.7: Legacy Of Terror/2.8: Brain Invaders
  • 2.9: Grievous Intrigue/2.10: The Deserter
  • 2.11: Lightsaber Lost
  • 2.12: The Mandalore Plot/2.13: Voyage Of Temptation/2.14: Duchess Of Mandalore
  • 2.20: Death Trap/2.21: R2 Come Home/2.22: Lethal Trackdown
  • 3.5: Corruption/3.6: The Academy/3.7: Assassin
  • 3.4: Sphere Of Influence
  • W21: Invitation Only/3.8: Evil Plans/1.22: Hostage Crisis/W22: Hunting The Hunters, Parts I-III/3.9: Hunt For Ziro


  • 3.10: Heroes On Both Sides/3.11: Pursuit Of Peace/2.15: Senate Murders
  • 3.12: Nightsisters/3.13: Monster/3.14: Witches Of The Mist
  • Star Wars: Speaking Silently
  • 3.15: Overlords/3.16: Altar Of Mortis/3.17: Ghosts Of Mortis
  • 3.18: The Citadel/3.19: Counterattack/3.20: Citadel Rescue
  • 4.4: Shadow Warrior
    • Officially this episode directly follows the Water War trilogy, but given the prominent presence of Jar Jar in both tales and Anakin’s “reunion” with him in this episode, it would make more sense to have it precede those events.
  • 3.21: Padawan Lost /3.22: Wookiee Hunt
  • 4.1: Water War/4.2: Gungan Attack/4.3: Prisoners
  • 4.5: Mercy Mission/4.6: Nomad Droids
  • 4.7: Darkness On Umbara/4.8: The General/4.9: Plan Of Dissent/4.10: Carnage Of Krell
  • 4.11: Kidnapped/4.12: Slaves Of The Republic/4.13: Escape From Kadavo
  • 4.14: A Friend In Need
  • 4.15: Deception/4.16: Friends And Enemies/4.17: The Box/4.18: Crisis On Naboo
  • 4.19: Massacre/4.20: Bounty
  • 4.21: Brothers/4.22: Revenge
  • 5.1: A War On Two Fronts/5.2: Front Runners/5.3: The Soft War/5.4: Tipping Points
  • 5.5: The Gathering/5.6: A Test Of Strength/5.7: Bound For Rescue/5.8: A Necessary Bond
  • 5.9: Secret Weapons/5.10: A Sunny Day In The Void/5.11: Missing In Action/5.12: Point Of No Return


  • 5.13: Revival/5.14: Eminence/5.15: Shades Of Reason/5.16: The Lawless
  • 5.17: Sabotage/5.18: The Jedi Who Knew Too Much/5.19: To Catch A Jedi/5.20: The Wrong Jedi
  • 6.1: The Unknown/6.2: Conspiracy/6.3: Fugitive/6.4: Orders
  • 6.5: An Old Friend/6.6: The Rise Of Clovis/6.7: Crisis At The Heart
  • 6.8-6.9: The Disappeared, Parts I-II
  • 6.10: The Lost One/6.11: Voices/6.12: Destiny/6.13: Sacrifice
  • 7.1: A Death On Utapau/7.2: In Search Of The Crystal/7.3: Crystal Crisis/7.4: The Big Bang
  • 7.5: The Bad Batch/7.6: A Distant Echo/7.7: On The Wings Of Keeradaks/7.8: Unfinished Business
  • Star Wars: Dark Disciple


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