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Review: “Artemis’ Nightrise” by Doug Langille (Short Story)

I usually review books, and as a function of there being a lot more to a book those reviews can get quite long at times. This is a review for a short story, Artemis’ Nightrise (****), written by Doug Langille and posted at Dark Futures. In this story we are given a very brief glimpse into the dawn of a new world as a clan of starfaring vampires finally find a suitable home, one with a surprise beyond their wildest hopes….For all that this is a very short story that will probably take you less than ten minutes to read, if that, you gain a surprising amount of insight into the world of the characters. Not so much that you are satisfied, mind, but enough that the story makes sense without any prior knowledge of the world involved. I have no idea if there is more to this world Mr. Langille has created, but if there is I plan to explore it….


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