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Mini-Review: “Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Jonathan” by Jane Espenson & Cliff Richards

Title: Jonathan (Codename: Comrades)
Writer: Jane Espenson
Artist: Cliff Richards
Series: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Rating: *****
Publisher/Copyright: Dark Horse, 2001

This is just a quick review of the one-shot Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Jonathan. There’s really no good place to group it, since it’s a rare issue and only reprinted in the Buffy omnibus series (Volume VI, in case you’re interested). EDIT: You can also read it online via the BBC! (Link here) You remember that one episode in season 4 of Buffy where the perennial background character Jonathan Levinson had cast that spell to make himself a superstar? This is a story set in that changed world, just before the events of that episode. The world loves Jonathan, and he can do anything and everything. He’s the star of The Matrix, a military genius consulting with The Initiative, scourge of the vampires of Sunnydale, lit professor at UC Sunnydale, Tony-winning performer, platinum-selling recording artist, sports star, you name it. But even Jonathan is going to need help when a cadre of vampires forged in the Soviet version of the Initiative come to town. He’s going to have to “re-form” the Scooby Gang (apparently they never got forged into a cohesive group in this reality, due to Jonathan taking care of all the problems that pulled them together before) if Sunnydale is going to survive the onslaught of these Soviet vampires….

Alternate realities are a fun playground, and I really enjoyed this one both in the episode and in this comic. The writing was great here, giving us more insight into Jonathan’s character and allowing us a greater exploration of the world created by his spell. My one issue is that Spike acts differently in the comic than he does in the episode–in the episode he acts sullenly terrified of Jonathan, a disgraced and unthreatening ex-arch-nemesis that would never be invited into their graces. In the comic he’s disdainful of Jonathan and the Scoobies, invited to join but too good for that. The feel was just off. The art was spot-on though, with all of the characters looking and acting like themselves even while Richards does his minimalist thing. I’m not sure how he does it….

Canon-wise, this is tricky because it technically never happens. This reality gets erased at the end of that episode and everything goes back to normal. Oh well, whatever. The only minor problem with it canonically (aside from the whole it-never-happens thing) is that Jonathan describes the Soviet program as the inspiration for the Initiative, while we learn later that the Initiative has been in existence since WWII.

CONTENT: No profanity. No overt sexual content, though the implication is that Jonathan is sleeping with the Swedish twins that share his bed. Some vampire violence, consistent with every other Buffy comic I’ve reviewed. Occult-wise, these are Buffyverse vampires, and there’s some minor witchcraft involved in the Scooby Gang’s preparations for battle.

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