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Review: “Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Remaining Sunlight” by Andi Watson, Joe Bennett, Jen Van Meter & Luke Ross

Title: The Remaining Sunlight
Writers: Andi Watson & Jen Van Meter
Artists: Joe Bennett & Luke Ross
Series: Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #1-3 + Dark Horse Presents Annual ’98)
Rating: ****
Publisher/Copyright: Dark Horse Comics, 1999

The Remaining Sunlight is the first collection of the actual ongoing Dark Horse series. The previous stuff I’ve reviewed so far has either been one-shots, mini-series, standalone graphic novels, or the “Year One” arc they did at the end of the run just before cancelling the book. I’m trying to go in chronological order, or as close as possible given the information at hand, so that would be why this wasn’t the first review I did in the series. As for where to find these aside from this particular collection, the main issues here are included in the Buffy Omnibus Vol. III, while MacGuffins is included in Vol. II.

The first three issues of the ongoing series (collected here) were all written by Andi Watson and penciled by Joe Bennet. Wu-Tang Fang (issue #1) opens the series as an ancient Chinese vampire comes to Sunnydale in search of a worthy opponent. Meanwhile, Xander begins taking karate lessons because he’s tired of being pushed around by bullies and bloodsuckers. Given the relationships still in place here and the lack of Faith (not to mention the publication date), I’m sticking this tale in the increasingly-populated gap between Buffy S03E02: Dead Man’s Party and Buffy S03E03: Faith, Hope & Trick. Plus, if we assume Stinger happens just before this tale, it lends extra meaning to Buffy’s comment about bullies messing with Xander. Then Halloween (issue #2) has come again, and this time the bloodsuckers are staying true to character and staying in for a movie marathon. Unfortunately, they grabbed Willow first to serve as their snack break when the time comes. Based on broadcast dates, this falls between Buffy S03E04: Beauty And The Beasts and Buffy S03E05: Homecoming. Faith is still nowhere to be seen, but oh well. In due time Thanksgiving comes along in Cold Turkey (issue #3) as Buffy is stalked by a vampire with a grudge…and has to deal with last-minute grocery shoppers to boot! Given the broadcast schedule, this is set between Buffy S03E07: Revelations and Buffy S03E08: Lover’s Walk. The writing for these is every bit as excellent as you would expect, and everyone most certainly sounds like themselves. The art….well, Buffy looks right, and Giles is mostly ok, but I’m increasingly of the opinion that there are few artists who can get Xander to look right. I mean, this was better than some I’ve seen, but still not Dark Horse good. Oz, Willow, and Cordelia fared slightly better, but Principal Snyder didn’t look at all right, at least in his first appearance–if I didn’t know better, I’d say he was away and someone else was filling in for him. Seeing Xander dressed as Gary Oldman’s version of Dracula for Halloween, valentine-hair and all, somewhat made up for this though. The art did improve each issue though, and the vampires actually watching the 1992 Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie? I literally laughed out loud when I realized what was showing. I think Joe Bennett was actually just about to find his groove for the look of the supporting cast, but for whatever reason he was replaced after these three issues.

As a bonus, this volume includes the story MacGuffins from Dark Horse Presents Annual ’98, written by Jen Van Meter and penciled by Luke Ross, set during Buffy’s summer vacation between the first two seasons. Buffy thinks she has a pest problem with the house flies infesting her dad’s apartment, but she hasn’t seen anything yet…. A fun, short little story with stronger art than most of this early Buffy material can boast. I enjoyed it.

CONTENT: Mild profanity. Vampire violence, a bit bloody at times. No real sexual content aside from a couple scantily-clad vampire vixens. As I’ve mentioned before, Buffyverse vampires could be considered a bit occultic since they are partially demons.

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