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Review: “Star Wars–Jedi Council: Acts Of War” by Randy Stradley & Davide Fabbri

Title: Jedi Council: Acts Of War
Writer: Randy Stradley
Artist: Davide Fabbri
Series: Star Wars: Jedi Council #1-4 (Legends Canon)
Rating: ****
Publisher/Copyright: Dark Horse Comics, 2001

Shifting gears a bit, this time out we’re visiting a setting a little closer to the events of the films. The Dark Horse Comics miniseries Jedi Council: Acts Of War takes place only a year before the events of Star Wars–Episode I: The Phantom Menace (that’s 33 BBY, if you’re keeping track). This story was published as a standalone collection, and reprinted in Star Wars Omnibus: Rise Of The Sith.

Before the galaxy was engulfed in the Clone Wars, transforming the Jedi into generals, they served to keep peace across the galaxy-spanning Republic. One such threat comes in the form of the Yinchorri, a warlike species newly accepted into galactic society. When the Yinchorri begin trying to carve out a small empire for themselves among the stars, Jedi Master Mace Windu dispatched a pair of Jedi to manage the crisis. Their mutilated bodies were soon delivered to the office of Chancellor Valorum. Now the Council must mount a full-scale expedition to end this threat to peace in the galaxy, as well as seeking to uncover just who is pulling the strings of the Yinchorri….

This was a well-executed story. It can be somewhat difficult to keep an appropriate degree of tension in stories featuring characters you know will survive based on later appearances (Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Mace, Adi, etc.), but the large cast keeps this from being an issue. Each of the characters here is well developed, and some of the new characters introduced in this miniseries would go on to become fan favorites across the franchise. The art is also of high quality, serving the story well. Is the story essential? Not particularly. It’s the first appearance of K’kruhk, though, and Randy Stradley enjoys returning to the character of Micah Giett on occasion in the pages of Tales. Plus, it’s always fun watching Palpatine’s labyrinthine plots to pave the way for his eventual rise….

CONTENT: Moderate violence, occasionally a bit gruesome. No profanity. No sexual content.

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Review: “Star Wars: Too Many Cooks” by Chris Cooper & Alex Sanchez

Title: Too Many Cooks
Writer: Chris Cooper
Artist: Alex Sanchez
Series: Star Wars (Legends Canon)
Rating: **
Publisher/Copyright: Titan Magazines, 2014

Here’s another of the UK short comics, from Star Wars Comic UK #7.4. I can’t find any confirmation of this, but it should also have been reprinted in Star Wars Comic #2 here stateside.

Here we have a tale set in the run-up to Attack Of The Clones, with Jar Jar and Captain Typho handling security for a diplomatic event on Coruscant. Little do they realize that certain members of the nascent Confederacy are seeking to gain their side an early advantage in the impending war…by placing a hit on Chancellor Palpatine!

Meh. This story was okay, I suppose. It suffers from the brevity required to shoehorn it into eight pages, jumping jarringly from moment to moment in an attempt to hit all the required beats before running out of space. The art also left much to be desired, at least in my opinion. It does raise interesting questions though. For example, what if Jar Jar didn’t foil the attempt? I very much doubt Palpatine would have been killed, he’s far too powerful to be taken by surprise, but he might have been exposed. As for the hit itself, either an independent thinker among the Separatists accidentally outsmarted its leaders or the whole thing was a setup by Palpatine to place Jar Jar where he wanted him. The story itself doesn’t say this, but you could read the whole conclusion as Palpatine acting through Jar Jar. Those probes land a bit too conveniently when they are powered down, which is either a weak point in the plot or Palpatine’s manipulation through the Force. Either way, I wasn’t really too impressed with this one.

CONTENT: Mild violence. No sexual content or profanity.

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