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Mini-Review: “Star Wars–Speaking Silently” by Jason Fry

Speaking SilentlyTitle: Speaking Silently
Author: Jason Fry
Artist: Tom Hodges
Series: Star Wars (Technically Legends, but tied to the Clone Wars)
Rating: ****
Publisher/Copyright: Titan Magazines, 2013

How’s about another short story from Star Wars Insider? Too bad, here it is anyway…. In this tale, Jason Fry serves us a short tale of Captain Rex and the 501st during the Clone Wars. So far as I know, the only place to get this is in Insider #139, so I wish you luck getting your hands on it….

Captain Rex is having a bad day. The Seperatists are running roughshod over his troops, and a mixed group of clones and local militia have just been captured by the clankers. Fortunately for him the locals are Lorrdians, masters of non-verbal communication who are able to speak volumes without opening their mouths. Now if only the droids had been stupid enough to send the clones a taunting holo of their prisoners….

This is a short story, and there’s admittedly not much to it. It is fun, though. This is one of those stories awkwardly stuck between Legends and Canon. Its not official, but it ties into the official television series so I’m being a rebel and treating it as if it were. I’d place it around the middle of the series, but the only hard data point we have is that it occurs sometime before The Clone Wars S04E07: Darkness On Umbara.

CONTENT: Some violence. No profanity or sexual content.

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