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Review: “Star Wars: War On The Jundland Wastes” by Mike W. Barr & Bob Molesworth

Title: War On The Jundland Wastes
Writer: Mike W. Barr
Artist: Bob Molesworth
Series: Star Wars (Legends Canon)
Rating: ****
Publisher/Copyright: Titan Magazines, 2014

I had no idea comics were so regionally restricted. Apparently the only way for our cousins over in Britain to get their hands on the various Dark Horse releases of yesteryear was a reprint magazine published by Titan Magazines, creatively titled Star Wars Comic UK. When The Clone Wars started airing, they switched over to printing short original works along with kid-friendly bonus material and activities. When the show was canceled, they tried to keep the magazine going by alternating Clone Wars content with stuff from the original trilogy. Since these comics were packaged alongside such juvenile content, they were very easy to overlook. So, after an extensive scouring of the internet, here’s the first of those original trilogy stories! This tale was originally published in Star Wars Comic UK #7.1, then reprinted in the US in Star Wars Comic #1. What’s that you say? You want to read this too? Good luck. It’s never been collected, so only exists in the magazine versions listed above. The only advice I can offer? Google is your friend.

War On The Jundland Wastes is set during Luke and Ben’s trip to Mos Eisley, smack dab in the middle of A New Hope’s first act. While en route, our heroes encounter an unusual battle between the local Tusken Raiders and Jawas, tribes that usually leave each other in peace. What could cause such unusual behavior? And can Ben set matters aright?

On the whole, this was a fun little story. It doesn’t really add anything to the larger mythos other than showing us more of the off-screen interaction between Ben and Luke, helping to form Luke’s scant knowledge of the Jedi Order moving forward, but that’s enough in itself to justify its existence. The art was decent, stylized without being annoying, and certainly worked well enough for the story being told. If you can track down this gem, I would recommend doing so.

CONTENT: Mild violence, with nobody even injured to my recollection. Maybe a Tusken or Jawa lying injured in the margins of the panel depicting their battle, but if so I missed it. No profanity, no sexual content.

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Mini-Review: “Star Wars–Speaking Silently” by Jason Fry

Speaking SilentlyTitle: Speaking Silently
Author: Jason Fry
Artist: Tom Hodges
Series: Star Wars (Technically Legends, but tied to the Clone Wars)
Rating: ****
Publisher/Copyright: Titan Magazines, 2013

How’s about another short story from Star Wars Insider? Too bad, here it is anyway…. In this tale, Jason Fry serves us a short tale of Captain Rex and the 501st during the Clone Wars. So far as I know, the only place to get this is in Insider #139, so I wish you luck getting your hands on it….

Captain Rex is having a bad day. The Seperatists are running roughshod over his troops, and a mixed group of clones and local militia have just been captured by the clankers. Fortunately for him the locals are Lorrdians, masters of non-verbal communication who are able to speak volumes without opening their mouths. Now if only the droids had been stupid enough to send the clones a taunting holo of their prisoners….

This is a short story, and there’s admittedly not much to it. It is fun, though. This is one of those stories awkwardly stuck between Legends and Canon. Its not official, but it ties into the official television series so I’m being a rebel and treating it as if it were. I’d place it around the middle of the series, but the only hard data point we have is that it occurs sometime before The Clone Wars S04E07: Darkness On Umbara.

CONTENT: Some violence. No profanity or sexual content.

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Mini-Review: “Star Wars–The Last Battle Of Colonel Jace Malcom” by Alexander Freed

Title: The Last Battle Of Colonel Jace Malcom
Author: Alexander Freed
Artist: David Rabbitte
Series: Star Wars (Legends canon)
Rating: *****
Publisher/Copyright: Titan Magazines, 2012

Once again, I offer up an exclusive short story from the pages of Star Wars Insider magazine! This time, Alexander Freed gives us a tale from the era of the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic featuring the seriously-badass Col. Jace Malcom. You don’t know Col. Malcom? You might have met him without realizing it, if you watched any of the cinematic trailers for the game. If not, that’s okay, I’ll introduce you. So far as I know, the only place to find this tale is in the pages of Star Wars Insider issue #137, so you may have some trouble finding it, but its worth the trouble if you have any interest.

Okay, background. Like the game it’s tied to, this story is set about three and a half millenia before the films we grew up on, in an age when the Old Republic is locked in an eternal struggle with the resurgent Sith Empire for dominance in the Galaxy Far, Far Away. Interestingly, the design aesthetics of the Sith Empire are the same as those favored by Palpatine’s New Order, reinforcing once again his political mastery–he managed to turn the Old Republic into the Sith Empire, complete with their imagery. Now, either this is intentional and the citizens of the GFFA are complete dunces who are ignorant of their history (unlikely, since this is a millenia-long intermittent conflict that would be a gold mine as a setting for entertainment holos) or the designers on The Old Republic are really lazy. I could give you the whole historical basis for the conflict, but you don’t really need it to enjoy the story. Bottom line: the Old Republic is locked in battle with the Sith Empire across the galaxy, and ‘ a stalemate. Oh, and Col. Malcom? He’s a hardened soldier fighting for the Republic. Again, I could give you his history, but I think this gives you all the information you need….

That’s right, this is a guy badass enough to attack a full-blown Sith Lord with a knife. Not a lightsaber-based knife–a regular steel knife. Not somebody I want to mess with….

The mission is simple, yet vital–destroy an Imperial airfield in preparation for a renewed Republic offensive on the barren world of Kalandis VII. Col. Malcom and his Spec-Force troops have done it a hundred times on a hundred planets….but this time it’s different. This time, it’s the last battle of Col. Malcom’s personal war against the Empire. And he’d like to go out with a bang….

The story was fun, and stands on its own fairly well. The galactic political and strategic situation aren’t that important to understanding what’s going on, because this is war on the smallest scale possible–we go here, and blow this up. We do our job, everyone else does theirs, and the Sith Empire gets a bloody nose. I’d seen Malcom in action in the cinematic trailers, though I didn’t know his name at the time. (He also appears in the Return trailer, here) He’s a fascinating character, and I look forward to finding out more about him as I read and play more of the media set in this era.

The Old Republic is the sole remaining producer of Legends-grade canon material, with everything else switching over to the newer official canon. This tale falls squarely in the former category, set three thousand six hundred and forty-one years before the events of Star Wars: Episode IV–A New Hope. That’s 3,641 BBY, for my fellow Star Wars geeks. For more Malcom, check out the trailers I linked, the novel The Old Republic: Annihilation, and of course, the game itself.

CONTENT: I don’t recall any profanity, but any that appears would be minor. Some violence. No sexual content.

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Mini-Review: “Star Wars–Reputation” by Ari Marmell

Title: Reputation
Author: Ari Marmell
Artist: Tom Hodges
Series: Star Wars (Technically Legends, but tied to the Clone Wars)
Rating: *****
Publisher/Copyright: Titan Magazines, 2012

I was going through some old Star Wars Insider magazines the other day, and I ran across this short story. I don’t know how I missed it before, but I did fall pretty far behind there for a while and am only just catching up. Anyone who’s watched much of the Clone Wars series probably remembers the bounty hunter Clint Eastwood Cad Bane. You know, the guy with enough brass to stage a heist in the Jedi Temple itself, proceeding to kidnap several Force-sensitive infants, busted Ziro the Hutt out of the slammer on Coruscant by taking several senators hostage, and then proceeded to sign on for a mission to kidnap Palpatine himself? He’s a cool character, to be sure, and this tale picks him up as he’s just first trying to make a name for himself. War is coming, Bane is sure of it, and that means money up for grabs….if one has the nerves and the reputation to claim it.

For most of the story, from Bane’s musing on the state of the GFFA to his sparse dialogue throughout the tale, Bane’s voice is spot-on. I could almost literally hear it in my head as I read. The story also explains why he has so many gadgets that we see almost nowhere else in the entirety of the franchise, such as the rocket boots he’s rocking while everyone else wears heavy jetpacks.

Trying to place this into the timeline of the Galaxy Far, Far Away illustrates the slightly awkward position the division of the canon puts me in. Officially, anything published before the cutoff date that isn’t the films or the actual Clone Wars cartoon is considered “Legends” canon. However, the Clone Wars cartoon (and thus all related material) doesn’t fit with the previously-established “Legends” timeline for the Clone Wars. Thus, I’m choosing to be slightly rebellious and include the Clone Wars tie-in material in the official canon timeline. Cool? Cool. Anyway, this story is set just a scant two years before the outbreak of the Clone Wars. (That’s 24 BBY for my fellow Star Wars geeks….)

So far as I know, the only place to find this story is in Star Wars Insider #136, where it was originally published.

CONTENT: Mild profanity, mostly specific to the Galaxy Far, Far Away. Some moderately gruesome violence. No sexual content.

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