Review: “Odd Apocalypse” by Dean Koontz

Weird….thought I had posted this already. Must have lost it when my computer went wonky a couple months ago. Anyway, I’m in the middle of the next Odd Thomas book (Deeply Odd) right now, so this one had better go up quick!

As we open Odd Apocalypse (*****), Odd and Annamaria have survived their detour in Harmony Corner (Odd Interlude), and we catch up with them on the next stop of their journey. This time they are staying in Roseland, the opulent and pristine home of a rich recluse. Ostensibly built by a Hollywood mogul from the early days of cinema, Roseland is built like a fortress with massive stone walls surrounding it and bars on all the windows. What was the estate built to guard against? Why are the occupants so secretive? Why does Odd keep seeing flashes of an apocalyptic future? And most importantly, who is the boy that Annamaria insists Odd is here to save?

Koontz delivers yet another Odd Thomas adventure that is spot-on. The thrills, chills and mystery never let up from page one as Odd evades weaponized mutants from the future while battling an evil that is all-too-human. This is at least a little better closing than was Odd Hours, which was almost a cliffhanger, but I suppose that doesn’t matter because Deeply Odd is out already, so….

Content: Koontz is making an effort to remove R-rated language from these books, so probably PG-13 on that count. There’s a fair amount of violence, and the outcome of some of this violence is disturbing. There is also some discussion of sexual content, but nothing too explicit.

Prequel: You Are Destined To Be Together Forever
Book I: Odd Thomas
Book II: Forever Odd
Book III: Brother Odd
Book IV: Odd Hours
Interlude: Odd Interlude
Book V: Odd Apocalypse
Book VI: Deeply Odd
Book VII: Saint Odd
Manga Prequel Series
Odd Passenger (Non-Canon Webseries)

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